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Credit Freeze

Disclaimer: I am not providing financial advice. I am simply telling you what I personally do. Do your own research and decide for yourself.

I want to do everything to prevent identity theft and make it so thieves can’t open a line of credit in my name. I have enacted a “credit freeze” with each of the credit-reporting bureaus. It’s so secure that even I need to unfreeze them temporarily to open a line of credit or allow others to check my credit score.

Transunion Equifax Experian

Thrift Savings Plan

Do you have access to Thrift Savings Plan and want to potentially maximize your returns? I personally subscribe and follow It’s only $60 per year – which is a pittance compared to the increased returns over simply letting my money ride in my TSP accounts. The TSP Coach has averaged more than 13% – which is pretty darn good!

Penny Stocks

I was interested in learning the basics of stock trading, so I turned to Robinhood for zero fee trading. This is an affiliate link – but you get a free stock for signing up (e.g., Apple, AMD, Sprint – I got Facebook for $198 value).