Credit Freeze

Disclaimer: I am not providing financial advice. I am simply telling you what I personally do. Do your own research and decide for yourself.

I want to do everything to prevent identity theft and make it so thieves can’t open a line of credit in my name. I have enacted a “credit freeze” with each of the credit-reporting bureaus. It’s so secure that even I need to unfreeze them temporarily to open a line of credit or allow others to check my credit score.


Thrift Savings Plan

Do you have access to Thrift Savings Plan and want to potentially maximize your returns? I personally subscribe and follow It’s only $60 per year – which is a pittance compared to the increased returns over simply letting my money ride in my TSP accounts. The TSP Coach has averaged more than 13% – which is pretty darn good!

Penny Stocks

I was interested in learning the basics of stock trading, so I turned to Robinhood for zero fee trading. This is an affiliate link – but you get a free stock for signing up (e.g., Apple, AMD, Sprint – I got Facebook for $198 value).