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Learn a New Language and Become Fluent in One Month

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by!  Think learning a new language is impossible?  If it takes 10-15 years to master 100% fluency, it must take 5-7 yrs to master 50%, right?


Besides… who wants to learn just 50%?  The key is to utilize the minimum necessary to acheive the desire results.  And WHAT you learn is far more valuable that HOW you learn… but we can combine both for maximum effect.

If you learn words in a foreign language by frequency, you can achieve:

15 words = 26% fluent
50 words = 33% fluent
100 words = 50% fluent
300 words = 65% fluent
1200 words = 85% fluent
2000 words = 95% fluent (this is truly “conversationally fluent”)

You can get to 95% in 3 month’s (Ferriss’ method) or 1 month (Moser’s method)

You can get to 98% in another ten years.  Don’t know about you, but I’m good with 95%!

Add a couple of hours for sentence structure, but you get the idea (Ferris covers this).


Timothy Ferriss Method – Read this for overview and understanding.

Timothy Ferriss, the author of “The Four Hour Workweek,” “The Four Hour Chef,” and “The Four Hour Body” (all NYT bestsellers for a reason) has some interesting things to say:

Learning Any Language in 3 Months – post (15 min)

Deconstructing a Language – video (10 min)

12 Rules to Learn Any Language in Record Time – post and/or video (1hr total)


Tim Moser Method – Read this to blow your mind

Go from zero to fluency in Spanish in one month (1hr per day).

It’s free. Sign up here.

One you learn the method, you can easily apply it to other languages.


Other Resources – see word lists and pronunciation

Wikipedia – Word frequency lists

InvokeIt – More frequency lists