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“Finding the Will of God – a Pagan Notion?”

There are only a few books that are on my “Annual List.” That means that they are so awesome that I think they should be read each year as a reminder to the wisdom they contain.

In addition, I also have my “TOP 5.” This is the list of books that have revolutionized my thinking in one way or another. One such book is, Finding the Will of God: A Pagan Notion? by Bruce Waltke.

I have found this book to be so amazing that I based a sermon on it that never fails to generate all sorts of feedback. Mostly good, mind you.

I’ve uploaded the sermon here. You’ll see a remarkable similarity with the book, and I always try to since people to Waltke when they ask for any further clarification. I hope you enjoy.


Bring your Bible?

“Some people only bring their Bible to church because they don’t read it at home.”

– KermitJr

I realized that truth when the preacher made the statement, “I expect you all have your Bibles, don’t you?” Don’t get me wrong… I think we should bring our Bibles… but for the right reason. Not because we never took it out of the car this past week.

But that’s not Scriptural!

I’ve been accused, at times, by someone who says, “But that’s not Scriptural!” It’s not their fault, really… they just misunderstand what they are saying. What they mean to say is, “That’s not Scripture” or “That’s not in Scripture.” Allow me to explain.

I often talk about the Life Values System. In fact, spend any amount of time in serious conversation with me, and I will mention it directly or indirectly. Even if I don’t say it, I’m thinking of how it applies. Why? Because even though it may not be in Scripture, I have no doubt that it is Scriptural. The difference? The former is the “letter of the Law.” The latter is the “spirit of the law.” I’ll go with door number two, Bob.
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