But that’s not Scriptural!

I’ve been accused, at times, by someone who says, “But that’s not Scriptural!” It’s not their fault, really… they just misunderstand what they are saying. What they mean to say is, “That’s not Scripture” or “That’s not in Scripture.” Allow me to explain.

I often talk about the Life Values System. In fact, spend any amount of time in serious conversation with me, and I will mention it directly or indirectly. Even if I don’t say it, I’m thinking of how it applies. Why? Because even though it may not be in Scripture, I have no doubt that it is Scriptural. The difference? The former is the “letter of the Law.” The latter is the “spirit of the law.” I’ll go with door number two, Bob.

Now, I only compare myself to Christ in private (I’m too embarrassed to discuss my myriad of shortcomings publicly), so don’t think that I’m trying to toot my horn too loudly here. But have you ever noticed how little Christ actually “quoted” Scripture. In fact, He had a few critics who pointed out that very thing, but would anyone actually argue that what He said was unScriptural? Of course not. He made His points outside of Scripture using stories or scenarios that related only in their theme. He taught in parables.

Again, I recognize my shortcoming in comparison with Christ, but I can’t help but think that some people have the specific ability to exegete Scripture. That’s great. Others have the ability to be storytellers. Not those that simply read, mind you, but the kind that are able to have the listener be wrapped up in what they are hearing. If the story is to maintain its parable nature, recognize that proper exegesis has to have already have taken place. That is why the thrust always has such impact without the obvious having to be said!

Think of how different a place it would be if Christians, instead of quoting Scripture and “throwing it in peoples faces” instead made it a point to live it out without having to quote it to the person (or perhaps cause someone asking about their motives in a positive light). Quoting is easier than living it out. Talk versus walk and all that. Make your life a parable that honors God.

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