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“Finding the Will of God – a Pagan Notion?”

There are only a few books that are on my “Annual List.” That means that they are so awesome that I think they should be read each year as a reminder to the wisdom they contain.

In addition, I also have my “TOP 5.” This is the list of books that have revolutionized my thinking in one way or another. One such book is, Finding the Will of God: A Pagan Notion? by Bruce Waltke.

I have found this book to be so amazing that I based a sermon on it that never fails to generate all sorts of feedback. Mostly good, mind you.

I’ve uploaded the sermon here. You’ll see a remarkable similarity with the book, and I always try to since people to Waltke when they ask for any further clarification. I hope you enjoy.


Bring your Bible?

“Some people only bring their Bible to church because they don’t read it at home.”

– KermitJr

I realized that truth when the preacher made the statement, “I expect you all have your Bibles, don’t you?” Don’t get me wrong… I think we should bring our Bibles… but for the right reason. Not because we never took it out of the car this past week.

But that’s not Scriptural!

I’ve been accused, at times, by someone who says, “But that’s not Scriptural!” It’s not their fault, really… they just misunderstand what they are saying. What they mean to say is, “That’s not Scripture” or “That’s not in Scripture.” Allow me to explain.

I often talk about the Life Values System. In fact, spend any amount of time in serious conversation with me, and I will mention it directly or indirectly. Even if I don’t say it, I’m thinking of how it applies. Why? Because even though it may not be in Scripture, I have no doubt that it is Scriptural. The difference? The former is the “letter of the Law.” The latter is the “spirit of the law.” I’ll go with door number two, Bob.
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Learning from Senior Shihan

I’ve recently had the fortunate opportunity of gaining Shihan Jack Hoban as my Bujinkan instructor and I wanted to pass on some of the stuff he has told or taught me to the community at large. I was once told that “having a senior level Bujinkan shidoshi (Instructor) use you as Uke is somewhat of an honor.” Well, I’ve been honored!

Ignore what I’ve shown you in the past

Something interesting happened the other day when we first started training. I asked Jack to go over sanshin no kata with me and he obliged. I kept trying to “lean” into the forward movements like I had learned from others and also seen in his book, Ninpo

“Ignore the book and videos. I had it all wrong then. Yeah, I know, everything’s wrong and out of date now, but just do what I’m telling you now.” The difference was that he now had an erect posture because it provides greater stability and, when done correctly, allows for more natural movement into other kamae. I was warned, however,
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First post! A short introduction.

Well, I’ve finally caved and started a blog. Ok, maybe caved is the wrong word. Either way, I’m here for the party, though I recognize I’m waaayyyyy late. But better late than never, right? Right!

So who am I? Kermit Jones is the name. If I had to describe myself, it would be bigtime computer geek, lover of GNU/Linux (thought I’d be specific for the more hard core types), and an all around great guy. (Did I mention humble!?)

Seriously, though. I’m also a U.S. Navy Chaplain and I currently am serving with the Marine Corps (The Navy provides Chaplains to the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine Academy – Corpsmen too – thats a “Doc” if you didn’t know).

I get into conversations (read: hot water/argument/etc.) rather often and sometimes don’t have time for full explanations. I also have epiphanies every once in awhile (though to others they may not have the same profound meaning). Instead of wasting brain cycles trying to remember those things, I’d like a place to dump them and this is it! However, I’m interested in feedback, as well, and this seems well suited.

Ganbatte! is going to be more of a personal journey… thoughts that I have along the way in random order. I also have a blog on The Life Values System. I’ll reference it from here, but this is the “catch all.”. That means you’ll get a few sermons, ideas for sermons, illustrations for sermons, and who knows what else! That doesn’t mean I’ll be preachy, though. Just check it out and see!

What’s in a name, you ask? I’ll describe it in a later post. The title has “short” in it for a reason.

So long for now,